Carbaryl dust 85wp

Used for crop protection as follows: Cotton Aphids, Spiny bollworms, strainers & jesside, elegant grasshoppers.All cereal crops armyworms, Cattle ticks & lice ...

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An emulsifiable concentrate insecticide with direct contact and stomach action for use on agricultural crops. A soluble concentrate non selective foliar, ...

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Karate 5EC

A synthetic parathyroid insecticide for the control of red, spiny and heliothis bollworm and certain other pests in cotton and cutworm in all crops...

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Shumba super is a powder used for control of weevils and lesser grain borer in stored maize grain. It protects grain for 12 months.....

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Wivokil Super

A grain Protectant. used to preserve agricultural produce including maize, beans, soya pigeon peas etc against postharvest losses resulting from weevil and larger grain borer attacks...

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A soluble concentrate non selective foliar, systematic herbicide for the control of wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and certain woody perenials...

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Other Agrochemicals

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  • Novatellic Super EC
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  • Dichlorvous (DDVP)
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  • Fendona 5WP